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It includes all thinking, feeling, acting and interacting that is derived from our maleness and femaleness.

This sexuality enriches human relationships in ways that are basic to God's own nature (Gen. Furthermore, it offers human beings partnership with God in holy creation and re-creation (Gen.

For the sake of the world, for the unity of the church, and for the benefit of our personal health, this is a timely moment in history to keep sexuality in perspective. Biblical Guidelines For Sexual Morality In order for sexual experiences to be complete and appropriate in God's sight, persons need to make choices based upon the counsel of the Scriptures and also of the church.

Performance is stressed over relationship, resulting in personal frustration and interpersonal strain. To prepare and to consider a denominational statement on human sexuality creates anxiety.

Such statements are called "monumental" by some and "the most controversial issues the church has faced in a generation" by others.

He wrote: "...there is neither male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus" (Gal. Our oneness in Christ supersedes the old human distinctions and inequalities including race, economic status, and sex. Although Jesus briefly addressed a few issues related to sexuality--adultery, marriage, divorce, and celibacy--these were not the emphases in his teaching.

Paul gave enough attention elsewhere to sexuality to make it clear that he did not ignore this subject. When asked to identify the greatest commandment, he named two: "Love God and love neighbor" (Mark -30).Furthermore, the church holds to the teaching that sexual intercourse, which can be the most intimate expression of sexuality and the bonding of human relationships, belongs within heterosexual marriage.