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During the third season, Van Pelt begins dating FBI Agent Craig O'Laughlin.

In the episode "Blood for Blood," Van Pelt accepts O'Laughlin's marriage proposal, much to Rigsby's dismay.

Lisbon says she will take action and report their relationship to the head of the CBI, but later changes her mind in "Redline" and tells Rigsby and Van Pelt not to have physical contact with each other while at the office.

In the episode "The Red Box", Madeleine Hightower, the new head of the CBI, mysteriously discovers Rigsby's relationship with Van Pelt and informs Lisbon, who feigns ignorance.

Van Pelt is shot multiple times in the chest while questioning a young woman, but survives with a bulletproof vest on.

When Van Pelt is taken to an ambulance, Rigsby says he loves her.

His father was in and out of jail for numerous crimes, including manslaughter; it is strongly implied Rigsby was the victim of child abuse.

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It starts in season 2, a recurring subplot is Rigsby's infatuation with Grace Van Pelt.Van Pelt is jealous when she finds out, hinting that she wants Rigsby back.

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