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03-Oct-2017 05:50 35 GB per day 27 GB per day.Dolly Parton's sister hit out against celebrities who have stayed silent over sexual misconduct allegations against publicist Kirt Webster.Introducing herself, Dolly said: 'Hello I'm Dolly, do you love books?Me too.'A book can take you on an adventure to a thousand worlds, which is what our friend dog discovers in tonight's bedtime story.'She won over parents - and their children - with her soft country drawl. In 1996 she founded the Imagination Library, a non-profit organisation that promotes early childhood literacy by providing free books from birth to age five.Mothers and fathers across the country were left delighted as Dolly Parton, 71, became the latest star to read a book on the popular BBC programme.Dressed in a vibrant yellow biker jacket, the country music star snuggled up in a comfy armchair to read Louise Yates's award-winning Dog Loves Books.

It might be a show aimed at children but there is little doubt it was their parents who were more excited by the guest on Cbeebies' Bedtime Stories tonight.

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