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24-Nov-2017 04:03

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Unfortunately, some actors and the biggest names in the industry feel like they might be entitled to act a certain way, just because they are rich and famous, which in return earns them the reputation of being the most unbearable people to work with.It’s hard to tell what makes a person so intolerable to the point that studios and other fellow co-stars don’t want to work with the person or refuse to share the set with them, after all most of the stories we’ve heard are either based on anonymous sources, rumors or random interviews that were done by famous people.Alba decided to put acting as a second tier job and focus on her true passion project – The Honest Company – a toxic-free household products and beauty products.

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Jennifer Lopez is known as a diva when it comes to her musical background, but her behind the scene film behavior is no different.Katherine Heigl is notorious for being one of the most difficult people to work with in Hollywood, both in television and film.Heigl has been said to be very demanding on set, cold to the other members of the cast and crew and even snobby with fans who line the streets to see her when she makes an appearance.Gwyneth is one of the biggest names in Hollywood, but her roles have dried up recently due to the fact that she isn’t fun to work with.

On the set of Iron Man 2, it was said that Paltrow was “not friendly to anyone, and tends to make people feel awkward and uncomfortable.

On the other hand, working on set for so many days and hours with people you wouldn’t necessarily connect with off set, could really bring out the worst in people.

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