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'He felt they demeaned us all.'These events have now been overshadowed, of course, by what came next.

The spectre of Jimmy Savile, who also broadcast on Radio 1, looms over any recollections of the period, while some of the other station stalwarts have provided a decidedly tarnished coda to the golden age of broadcasting.

Mike Read recalls arriving at one on the back of a Harley-Davidson with David Essex, driving through the crowds and on to the stage.

With the garlands, however, came the huge egos jostling for position. Today, the 74-year-old is still on air, but in Hamilton's book he emerges as a rather brittle soul.

It's an era frequently cited as the 'golden age' of broadcasting, a gentler time when no one was more famous than Radio 1 DJs with silly names. To its vast audience, stars such as Ed 'Stewpot' Stewart, 'Hairy Cornflake' Dave Lee Travis and Alan 'Fluff' Freeman were one big happy family.

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Peel and Blackburn had one thing in common, though: they both disliked Simon Bates.I had to tell her I was already living with someone, thank you.' Twelve years later, Blackburn felt a froideur towards Simon Bates, pictured, who went on to take over his mid-morning show. 'Tony was always touchy about people who took over from him'Broadcasting in an age long before the term political correctness was coined, the culture was relaxed to a degree unimaginable today. 'On another occasion David Symonds, one of the original Radio 1 line-up in 1967, chose to broadcast his programme in the nude.'He started out by mooning me through the window of our adjoining studios as I was broadcasting live,' says Hamilton.'I burst out laughing and then I had to explain to the listeners, 'Either it's David Symonds or it's a full moon tonight.' Then he stripped off entirely so that all he had on were his headphones.'The Radio 1 formula worked spectacularly well for more than two decades.