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The coin-operated music players became known as “juke boxes”. Canon offering : EOS I’ve been using Canon EOS cameras for decades now, and have nothing but good things to say about the cameras and the lenses. The EOS name stands for Electro-Optical System, and was chosen because it evokes the name of Eos, the Titan goddess of dawn from Greek mythology. Sitcom ET : ALF “ALF” is a sitcom that aired in the late eighties. Walt Disney’s middle name : ELIAS Walt Disney (born “Walter Elias Disney”) was one of five children, the son of Elias and Flora Disney. since 1996 : MSNBC MSNBC was founded in 1996 as a partnership between Microsoft (“MS”) and General Electric’s “NBC” broadcasting operation. The name “Farina” is the Latin word meaning “flour”. Angelica and others : HERBS Angelia is a plant that is often grown as a flavoring agent. Like New Jersey among states admitted to the Union : THIRD There were three states that entered the union in 1787, and they were the first states to do so: 107. For example, the young stems of angelica plants are harvested and crystallized for use as a cake and dessert decoration. Showed no restraint, in brief : ODED Overdose (OD) 96. : ESS The letter S (ess) is at the head of the word “steam”. Place to lounge : DIVAN Ottomans and divans are essentially couches without backs or arms. Jazz great Carmen : MCRAE Carmen Mc Rae was a jazz singer from Harlem in New York City. Cricket’s sound : CHIRR The harsh trilling sound made by crickets is known as a “chirr”. Subway fare : HEROES “Hero” is another name for a submarine sandwich. In the play, Electra takes revenge on her mother Clytemnestra, who killed Agamemnon. One famed for heartlessness : TIN MAN The movie “The Wizard of Oz” is full of irony. The Scarecrow wants to be intelligent and discovers he is already very smart. I’ve highlighted the CCCCC, UUUUU and TTTTT answers in green, so that we can see the word CUT spelled out at the top of the grid. I think it’s a fabulous game, a must during the holidays … Ottoman : TURK The Ottoman Dynasty was named for its founder, Osman I. The “Ottoman Empire” was really established with the conquest of Constantinople, and that didn’t happen until almost 130 years after Osman I died. Collectors of DNA : CSIS Crime scene investigator (CSI) 30. Having said that, there is an organization called the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) that was originally intended to operate across the country, but really it now focuses its efforts in New York City. This is a CUT above the rest of the themed answers, those in the down-direction that are phrases meaning CUT: 1A. The Labrador breed of dog has been around at least since 1814, and the chocolate Labrador appeared over a century later in the 1930s. 3-D pic : MRI A CT (or “CAT”) scan produces (via computer manipulation) a three dimensional image of the inside of an object, usually the human body.

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Apparently the marketing folks didn’t like the term “nuclear” because of its association with atomic bombs, so now it’s just called MRI. Diner fixtures, informally : JUKES Although coin-operated music players had been around for decades, the term “juke box” wasn’t used until about 1940.

These strings of letters “sound like” the actual answer to the clue e.g. Cluedo was the original name of the game, introduced in 1949 by the famous British board game manufacturer Waddingtons. Boddy in the US), one of the suspects is the Reverend Green (Mr. : ASPCA Unlike in most developed countries, there is no “umbrella” organization in the US with the goal of preventing cruelty to animals.