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Although her boops weren't that big he really liked the look of them and now he was really imagining touching his sisters boops and those glorious thighs and pulling down those boxers to see his sisters pussy. That's nothing, these shorts always look like that!He was totally lost in this fantasy when Macys voice ripped him out of it: “I see you really to like this”, she pointed to the bulge in his boxer-shorts with her eyes. ” He was taking a few steps backwards as he was saying this, but again Macy wouldn't let it go and right now it doesn't seem like the was only trying to mess with him, it seemed more like she was getting aroused herself.He was afraid that she could see it, after all, he was only wearing a shirt and boxer-shorts, so he tried to think of something else so that it wouldn't become visible.Maybe that plan would have worked, but Macy was for away from letting it go.After a few seconds Ethan answered “I don't do that!” Macy replied: “Of course not, no one ever does it.” “No I don't do stuff like that”, she answered, “but I’m a woman, so when I say it it's true.

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Up until that point Macy was smiling but when she saw that big cock right in front of her eyes her face changed from smiling to being shocked. ” She said sounding angry, but at the same time she couldn't get her eyes of his dick. Her hand was already wet from his juices and she was trying to determine how long it would take him to blast his cum. While Macy was looking hat Ethans face, Ethan had only eyes for his little sisters pussy.Admit that you're hard and that you're just fighting the urge to stroke your cock. Believe me, it'll feel good.” “Well...” Macy said as she raised her hand to touch her older brothers dick.I told you that is what man do.” “No, leave me alone, it's not what you think! At first she just used one finger and poked it a little, as if she just wanted to see it bounce, but soon she just more fingers and than she wrapped her hand around it and started stroking it slowly and sensitively. “No, I’ve had sex before, but none of them where as big”.Ethan answered “Yeah yeah, don't sweat it, I’m tired anyway, I will go to bed right now.” while he stated to pull down his jeans throwing them in one corner of the room. What if you masturbate in your sleep and leave the mess in my bed. ” At first Ethan was surprised to hear the word 'masturbate' out of her sisters mouth.

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After that he directly went to the only bed in Macys room. She was a few years younger than him, sure, and at her age it would be normal that she knows about sex and is interested in it, yet up until that very moment Ethan always looked at Macy as some kind of asexual being.Ethan, who felt like he was busted, wasn't able to respond and just kept quiet.