Virus prevents antivirus updating

13-Jul-2017 04:00

Participation can be Basic (where did the threat come from, which actions were taken to solve it, was it successfully removed) or Advanced (full path to the infection, details about how the infection affected your system).

It’s essentially a peer-based protection net that allows all Windows Defender users to benefit from the infection of one user. Microsoft is popularly bashed for “being behind the times” and for “playing catch up” with modern trends.

There’s a grain of truth to that criticism, of course, and Windows Defender is a good example of it.

After all, it did take Microsoft half a decade to expand it from “just anti-spyware” to “full malware protection”, and even now it’s not as full-blown as it could be.

As such, Microsoft Security Essentials isn’t available on Windows 8 and users can only choose between Windows Defender or a third-party tool.

That being said, the underlying anti-malware engine and the virus definitions are the exact same between the two, so there’s no reason to feel like you’re missing out one way or another.

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Despite the benefits of Windows Defender, it’s important to note that its malware protection is weak compared to the competition.That being said, you have to give credit to Microsoft for staying on top of serious issues.