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They used to write songs while hanging out in the cemetery, Alan Paul wrote in One Way Out: The Inside History of the Allman Brothers Band.

Family and friends, including musicians who played in The Allman Brothers Band over the years, gathered on a hillside overlooking his grave and watched the procession from Greg Allman's funeral heads to Rose Hill Cemetery'He's somebody who has been in my life first as an artist and later as a real person since I was about 8 years old, and so it's shocking to think of the world without him,' said Paul, 50, who interviewed Allman many times for his book.

But all these interrogations can be answered by taking a closer look at the singer's costume, which was actually made out of a nude bodysuit.

She would not answer questions about her role from fans but did tweet "FERNANDO" with a thinking emoji in reference to the Abba song.Together they formed the heart of The Allman Brothers Band before Duane died in a motorcycle crash in 1971, just as they were reaching stardom.In his 2012 memoir, "My Cross to Bear," Allman said he finally felt 'brand new' in the 1990s after years of overindulging in women, drugs and alcohol.Some viewers thought Cher was actually naked under the costume, and thus were expecting to see a nipple on the breast that wasn't covered by a pasty.

But the singer's nipple wasn't visible, for one simple reason: Cher's costume actually had flesh-colored fabric covering parts of her body, including her breasts.But hepatitis C had ruined his liver, and after getting a transplant, it was music that helped him recover.